10 Ideas for Selecting Your Hardwood Flooring | Pt. 4

We’re again with one other installment in our present weblog sequence – 10 Ideas for Selecting Your Hardwood Flooring! In case you missed it our final posts, you’ll be able to click on on the primary 4 gadgets within the listing beneath to learn extra!


To evaluation, right here is the listing of issues we predict will probably be most useful in your flooring buy:

10 Issues to Take into account When Deciding on Your Hardwood Flooring
  1.    Aesthetic
  2.    Value
  3.    Width
  4.    Texture
  5.    End
  6.    Put on Layer
  7.    Species
  8.    Set up Technique
  9.    Lead Time
  10.    Sustainability

Let’s flip our focus to immediately’s two highlighted gadgets: Species and Set up Technique!

Pictured: Lambrusco

6. Species

Engineered hardwood is obtainable in a wide range of species. From birch to maple to hickory to walnut to European oak, every species has its personal distinctive set of traits and efficiency qualities. When choosing what species of hardwood flooring, it is very important consider your visible choice in addition to budgetary and sturdiness necessities in your way of life.

We provide a collection of European oak, maple, birch, acacia, American hickory, and American walnut flooring. You’ll be able to simply browse by species by clicking any of the hyperlinks above or click on right here to view our complete product lineup.

Top-of-the-line instruments for evaluating the sturdiness of any given species can be its Janka Hardness Score. The Janka hardness check measures the hardness or density of wooden. It measures the power required to embed a 0.44″ metal ball into the wooden till half of the metal ball is into the wooden. It was developed as a variation of Brinell check (measurement methodology of hardness of metals).

Various factors can influence how every flooring performs on this check. For instance, the kind of core (for engineered flooring), grain route and thickness of floor can all have an effect on the outcomes. Outcomes of the measurements are said in numerous methods for various international locations. In the USA, the measurement is in pounds-force (lbf), although different international locations could state the check end in completely different items: kilogram-force (kgf), newtons (N), kilonewtons (kN), or just handled as items (ex. “660 Janka”).

Pictured: Lambrusco

7. Set up Technique

There are 4 completely different set up strategies to select from with regards to putting in hardwood ground.

1. Nail Down

Nails are utilized to lock the wooden to the subfloor and is a well-liked methodology of set up for skinny hardwood flooring.

2. Staple Down

The staple down methodology is much like the nail down methodology, aside from the substitution of staples which makes for an easier set up course of.

3. Glue Down

With the glue down methodology, the hardwood planks are adhered on to the ground utilizing a powerful adhesive. For extra data on what adhesive is beneficial in your Urbanfloor product, click on right here.

4. Floating

With the floating set up methodology, the planks aren’t hooked up to the subfloor in any means. On this methodology, glue is utilized to the grooves of the boards to make sure a safe and lasting set up.

You’ll be able to view the set up strategies potential in your Urbanfloor flooring on every flooring web page beneath the heading “Technical Specs”.

Come again to the weblog and be part of us once more for the ultimate installment as we deal with the final two subjects on this listing – Lead Time and Sustainability!


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