Laser Scanning :- Distinction between lidar vs laser

 LiDAR vs Laser

3D Laser Scanning: Variations between LiDAR and Laser

Are laser and LiDAR the identical? It is a query that many individuals are puzzled by, and nearly all of individuals imagine that they’re each the identical. LIDAR, then again, is a method or a course of, whereas the laser is a tool. Within the Structure, Engineering, and Building (AEC) business, LiDAR expertise is used as a 3D laser scanner for buildings to scan buildings and remodel them into as-built 3D BIM fashions. 

Laser Expertise

‘Laser’ stands for ‘gentle amplification by stimulated emission of radiation’ and refers to units that work on this idea to generate or amplify gentle. Lots of the merchandise we use every day rely closely on lasers. Laser expertise is utilized in Blu-Ray and DVD gamers to learn knowledge from the disks. Bar code scanners course of knowledge utilizing lasers. Using lasers for surgical therapies like Lasik eye surgical procedure can be commonplace. Chopping, engraving, drilling, and marking are all frequent makes use of of lasers. 

LiDAR Expertise

‘Gentle detection and ranging’ is abbreviated as LiDAR, which can be typically known as ‘laser scanning’ or ‘3D scanning.’ A LiDAR system can fireplace as much as 1 million pulses per second for LiDAR mapping. The measure of the sunshine that will likely be mirrored immediately again to the scanner is taken. Following that, the space between two factors is set utilizing the pace of sunshine. Consequently, the digital depiction of the measured locations evaluates your complete atmosphere and develops plans for both renovation or new building. 

What’s the distinction between Laser and LiDAR? 

Laser  LiDAR 
A laser is a tool that produces a monochromatic intelligible beam of sunshine  LIDAR measures the association and construction of the atmosphere utilizing penetrating laser gentle pulses. 


  • Surgical therapies 
  • Optical disc drives 
  • Chopping and welding supplies 
  • Barcode scanners 


  • Scan to BIM modeling 
  • Archaeology 
  • Forensic 
  • geologic mapping 


Laser is a tool  LiDAR is a expertise 
Laser doesn’t use LiDAR  LiDAR utilises Laser beam 

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