Preserve Cats Off Your Furnishings

Cats love elevated surfaces. And as a lot as we love our furry four-legged buddies, we don’t love hair-covered couches and scratched-up chairs — particularly when you’ve not too long ago purchased or rented furnishings. 

Cats are naturally curious creatures and it may be troublesome to vary their habits. Nonetheless, there are a couple of methods you’ll be able to maintain cats off of your furnishings.

Why Do Cats Love “Perching”?

Home cats nonetheless dwell like their wild predatory predecessors. Although home housecats have tailored to residing in your house (you’ll be able to disguise the litterbox!) and are greater than able to creating bonds with their house owners, they nonetheless dwell unbiased and solitary lives. 

 When you’ve got a cat, then you definitely greater than probably expertise your feline good friend lounging in the back of the couch and know all too properly the  “thump” of your pet touchdown on the countertop. 

However why do cats like excessive locations? Cats perch up excessive for a lot of causes. From above, cats have a full visible of their atmosphere — giving them the chance to see hazard coming and to arrange for an escape. It’s additionally a standing factor. When you’ve got multiple cat, it could be your cat’s manner of claiming, “don’t mess with me”.

Nonetheless you wish to learn your cat, listed below are a couple of methods to ensure your cat can perch with out ruining your furnishings. 

Cat Timber

A cat tree is a superb alternative to redirect your cat’s focus to a cat-appropriate furnishings resolution that satisfies their perching wishes — and they’re designed for scratching. A cat tree will save your furnishings from destruction and supply psychological stimulation. Some cat bushes include hanging ropes and totally different ranges with shapes that can maintain your cat entertained. 

Plus, their top gives your cat with a protected area to sleep. Since they’ll sit up prime and ensure there isn’t a one round for quick assault, your cat’s perch might develop into their favourite place to snooze. 

Cat Window Perch

Cat bushes take up actual property. In case you’re condominium limits you spatially, a window perch is a straightforward resolution. It satisfies your cat’s pure instincts to go excessive and it gives a lookout into the world that can amuse their inherent curiosities. 


Probably the most reasonably priced resolution is taking a shot at giving your cat some classes in staying off of your territory. When your current, making loud noises when your cat jumps on the furnishings will startle your cat into studying this can be a no-perch zone.

Or you need to use issues like aluminum foil, plastic mats, or double-sided sticky tape positioned on surfaces to discourage them from staying in your counter tops. The textures the supplies present are a no-no for cats. As time goes on, furnishings and counter tops will develop into an unappealing place to your cat to relaxation on. Finally, you’ll be capable of take away these supplies with out them noticing. 

Home made Sprays

Citrus smells, like lemon, orange, and grapefruit, are a pure cat repellent. The odor overpowers a cat’s senses to detect meals. If used (use one half important oil to 4 components water), the spray will naturally repel your cat. They usually double as a pet odor absorber. 

The draw back: spraying scents in your owned or rented furnishings might trigger injury. Hunt down alternate options like oil diffusers or air sprays in particular areas to focus on which furnishings you’d wish to maintain your pets off of with out spot spraying. 

Discover Pet-Pleasant Flats For Your Feline

Cats are wonderful apartment-friendly pets. Good for not solely you (no day by day walks essential) and for acclimating to small areas. Briefly, cats are low upkeep and have a excessive reward.

Looking for a feline-friendly condominium? Don’t waste time shopping on-line. Let ApartmentSearch assist. Use our superior filters to seek out cat-friendly flats that suit your worth level and way of life. 

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