Metal Roof Repair: Probable Damage, Repairing and Roofer Companies Available


Metal Roof Repair: A good part of buildings and residential houses in the United States have metal roofs, due to the benefits this type of material on the ceiling has. However, more often than not a metal roof repair process must be carried out, whether the roof is having leaking issues and other problems or is working fine but some signs of wearing out and aging can be noticed clearly.

Depending on the damage, a metal roof repair task can be carried out by the owner or when such damage is just too extensive the roofer companies and providers must be called to repair or even replace the roof. When ceiling is not properly addressed or in time, the building can suffer even more damage on the floors, walls, woodwork, windows and other structures.

According to this topic of repairing metal roofs, let´s review aspects on why this material is used to build roofs, advantages and disadvantages,  types of damage, repairing procedure, costs and metal roof repair companies to hire in order to fix or replace the whole ceiling structure.

Metal Roofs: What to Know

Roof systems based on metal are frequently used in different sorts of buildings: commercial or industrial facilities and also residential buildings and houses, along with wooden roofs that are also very common.

Of course, metal roofs have different features and weaknesses in comparison to those made off wood, as well as being built completely different and at a distinct cost. Depending on the structure, it might be better a wooden or metal-based ceiling.

As they are different, metal roof also has different ways of getting damage and methods of fixing in comparison to wooden roofs, with issues that may differ in nature and approach because of the way both materials behave. A metal roof can be built out of different materials, such as zinc, steel that is usually galvanized, aluminum, cooper, titanium and tin.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have plenty of advantages and due to these many people prefer them over wooden roofs, asphalt roofing or of other materials. Some of these benefits are: longevity with a ceiling that can last up to 50. Years or more with proper maintenance.

Also, metal roofs are very strong and can endure fast wings and even debris impact, of course depending on the metal used. In general, metal roofs are considered safer, more energy efficient with solar radiant heat reflection that decrease cooling costs, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

What are the disadvantages of a metal roof?

Metal roofs have disadvantages as well and they are worthy of being mentioned. The first and most critical one for many people is affordability: metal ceiling can as three times as expensive as wooden or asphalt coated roofs. However, this may have a great cost-benefit ration on the long run.

In the same way, metal roofs can be noisy and to address this issue insulation layer must be applied, increasing the costs. Metal roofs are more complex to install and prone to installation mistakes, such as water accumulation that could lead to serious consequences.

Different Sorts of Damage on Metal Roofs

There are a diversity of problems on metal roofs that could ultimately lead to leaking and other severe consequences.

As mentioned before, many of the issues that appear in metal roofs are occasioned by poor installation: omission of caulking sealants and tape sealants, improper installation of flashings or sealant in screws are common reasons on why metal roofs start to present issues and leaking.

Other problems are more related to damage caused by aging, bad weather or simply lack of maintenance over time. This can be seen in loose seams, presence of rust in different areas and structures of the roof, damaged coating, wore out sealant, tears, blow offs and corrosion.

Metal Roof Reparations: When you can do it or Better Call Metal Roofing Suppliers

How do you repair a metal roof leak or any other issue? That depends on the nature of the problem. For example, for many of the issues mentioned before that are caused by aging and lack of maintenance, most of the cases the owner would be able to fix the problem by having proper tool and resources:

  • Rust removal can be done by sanding the surface and recoating with a rust inhibitor and proper painting.
  • Rusted fasteners replacing: missing or rusted fasteners are a problem. These can be changed by the owner by removing them and then adding proper sealing, recoating and putting butyl rubber washer.
  • Hole and screw patching and sealant reapplying: this can be challenging but with basic skills and proper resources can be done, by patching holes with new galvanized metal pieces and also reapplying sealant in screws. One of the best sealant for metal roofs is the silicone and polyether-based Kynar 500 PVDF.

On the other hand, installation problems and other issues that are related with installation or simply outperform any work the owner might carry out must be addressed only by calling a metal roof repair near me of specialized roofing company, and they will be ones to decide if the roof can be fixed or if it must be replaced.

How much does it cost to repair a metal roof?

The cost that involves a metal roof repairing process depends on different factors: hired roofers, severity of the damage and roof size, if it must be replaced or restored, materials to be used, type of metal roof and more.

For example, for corrugated metal roof low end fixing can cost up to 4.800 dollars, while this cost on average can reach up to 6.300 dollars. If the roof is based on high-quality metal shingles cost can get up to 11.000 dollars. This numbers are calculated over a 1.600 square foot house.

It is worthy of knowing that every company has its own meal roof cost calculator online for fast budget, and the way they calculate such price is different. US Metal Roofing, American Roofing and Anderson Metal Roofing are companies that count wit this tool.


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