Mobile Home Roof Repair: Is it Possible?


For a matter of costs and other reasons, carrying out a mobile home roof repair process is the most reasonable one to choose, instead of changing the whole ceiling that in most of the cases would be very expensive. Now, this depends on the damage the roof might have at some point, along with other considerations as materials, size, and expert´s opinion as mobile home roof repair near me.

Dealing with a damaged roof on a mobile home, which is the preferred option for many people due to price and the ease of mobility in of having to move, or in a more traditional house is alike difficult since personal belonging and general structure can suffer damage. This is why, attending and perform a roof repair or replacement is critical.

Of course, such replacing and repairing process in the roof of a mobile home requires cost and investment, along with other questions people might have at the moment of dealing with this situation, such as which is the best roof for a mobile home, what to do first, materials involved, if it is possible to fix the roof on our own according to damage, costs and how is possible to find a mobile home roof repair contractor.

Roof Characteristics and Possible Damage on Mobile Homes

Possible damage on the roof of a mobile home or any traditional house for that matter is immediately noticeable, whether such issue is severe or not. Frequently, the most common consequence is leaking and gutters on the roof, along with humidity and moisture on the walls or damage on structures as on pipes and membranes.

Knowing that there is a problem on the roof that is evident, we must come with a quick solution to avoid any more damage. This solution or solutions depend on two main factors: roof characteristics and magnitude of the problem, and to get to know both the best thing is do is to check as house owners. In some cases, a repair mobile home roof to do yourself is possible.

Types of Mobile Home´s Roof

The first thing to check is the type of roof our mobile home has, since by knowing this the diagnostic and possible issues will be found and addressed.  Currently, there are two types: flat mobile home roofing and pitched mobile home roofing. Flat roof is more ancient and made of metal with asphalt coating or shingles, almost completely flat with a little curve.

On the other hand, for more recent mobile homes roof is known as pitched which is considered more aesthetic. Usually, pitched ceilings are covered in metal shingles or panels and standard trusses. While slanted roofs are best looking in comparison to those flat, they are more expensive upfront.

There are mobile homes that have flat or pitched roofs with asphalt coating and other elements made of other materials than metal. However, metal roofs for mobile homes are very common and structure may involve aluminum, stainless steel and iron, among others. This is definitely the best roof for a mobile home, internally and externally.

Finding Problems on Mobile Home Roofs

Now that we know the types of mobile home roofs that are most common, we get now getting into the diagnostic and finding the problem in the structure that is causing the leak, humidity and more, and for this known the mobile home roof is critical due to differences in the shape and construction materials. Let´s begin.

Diagnostic and Possible Problems on Mobile Home Flat Metal Roofs

It is the time to get the ladder and find the origin of the issue on the ceiling to perform a mobile home metal roof repair, if possible for ourselves or with the help of a service provider or roofer.

On flat metal roofs on mobile homes, the most common issues are: inadequate drainage when roof is not properly slanted accumulating water, improper sun exposure causing heat damage and cracks and blisters on rubber or asphalt coating due to isolation and water exposure daily.

Checking Issues on mobile Home Pitched Metal Roofs

Whilst pitched floors on mobile homes have benefits in comparison to those flat: requirement of less maintenance, durability and better slanted structured and drainage, this sort of roof deals with its own problems.

Frequent problems are: shingles degrading over time with water and sun that make them weak and fall from the roof and creating leaks, specialized when such shingle pieces are made of asphalt to cover metal structure underneath. When shingles are weaken, strong wind can lift them up and this is particularly worrying when snow is falling, since it stuck in the shingles and gutter.

Knowing the most common issues for both flat and pitched metal-based mobile home roofs, it is easier to spot problems. Although, these recommendations are worthy of being followed: leaks not always generated when they appear so searching thoroughly is recommended, check shingle condition and if there any broken or bloated, check pipe condition and holed vents for leaks.

Solutions to Repair Mobile Home Roofs and Costs

Knowing the type of roof your mobile home has and the problem, you can get to find a proper solution. In fact, if the issue is not severe and looks simple to fix, there is no problem on trying yourself to replace a shingle, patch a leaking crack or other, if you know what you are doing.

On the other hand, for more severe damage the only action to take is to call service providers and roofers and experts in fixing the issue. Of course, the most important question for the majority is: how much does it cost to fix a mobile home roof?

The answer relies on many aspects: size of the roof, involved damage and materials, if it has to be replaced, repaired or a roof over must be applied. For metal roof, replacing an entire metal roof on a mobile home can may require the investment of 5.000 to 10.000 dollars.

The price also depends on the professional that will do the work on the roof. To find an expert, recommendations are: get online and find at least three vendors to compare costs and budget, check insurance coverage and licensing, read contract terms when hiring and never pay in advance.

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