Roof Repair Cost: From Small Leaking to Complete Replacement


Roof is definitely of the most important parts of any house, office or building of any kind. Without it, a structure simply would not be safe or habitable for that matter. That is why, at the moment of dealing with an issue on the ceiling as a leak or any other, immediately must be fixed. However, roof repair cost is something to think about and to be concerned about if damage is severe.

Now, how much does it cost to repair roof? This price depends on many aspects that are complex to address, making almost impossible to have a unique answer. However, average costs can be given but they are related in first place to the type of roof users are dealing with, as well as size, severity of the damage, type of damage and more.

To make this calculation easier, many specialized roof companies offer roof repair and roof replacement calculators, which by taking in consideration many of the aspects addressed earlier and others, they can come up with a very close approximation regarding for example a roof replacement cost, the cost of a new roof, the roof leak repair price and more.

Prices for Roof Repairing for Type of Damage

One of the most important aspects along with sort of roof, size and property style is the type of damage and its severity. It is not the same to patch a hole on a flat roof that perform a complete flashing restoration due to cracking.

In fact, virtually the most influential side respecting the cost of a roof repairing is the type of damage and the severity roofers are dealing with. Some of this problems are more or less challenging and in some cases they can be fixed by owners requiring low investment, but all depends on the damage.

Most Usual Type of Damage in Roofs and Their Average Prices Are:

  • Skylight Leaks: going from 25 to 80 dollars, in many cases skylights can hold water for too long, so the frame seals can crack due to the weight and have leaks as a result. In many cases, silicone sealant and proper skills will allow to fix this issue by the owner.
  • Ice Dams: in many cases, ice dams can be formed over roofs when accumulated water gets frozen, making more water to hold and the resulting weight results in structural damage. Average costs of this type of damage is of 150 dollars, requiring experts to avoid more damage.
  • Broken and Missing Shingle Pieces: shingle-based roofs can deal with broken, loose or even lost shingles, due to strong winds and for other reasons and causing leaks. From 30 dollars to basically the number of shingles to replace, price can get as high or low as the damage involved.
  • Cracked Flashing: flashing is the metal piece that reinforce joints on the roof, chimneys and every part that involves angles. In many cases, flashings get cracked and this causes leaks. Average costs go from 30 to 80 dollars.

Sure, these types of damages involve leaks only which can be simple to fix. For other more severe issues the recommendation is to call experts. In average, repairing a roof costs around 800 to 1200 dollars, depending on size, labor which per hour may cost 75 dollars, and the related issue.

Average Costs Depending on Roof Type

The type of roof to fix or replace also have a great impact in costs, since it is not the same addressing issues on a clay tiled roof than flat EPDM-based roof or a metal ceiling. Let´s see:

  • Metal Roofs: on average, repairing a metal roof costs up to 1.300 dollars. All depends on the damage that can be several on metal-based ceiling as installation problems in fasteners, loose shingles or seams and other issues that cause leaking o more serious troubles that must be addressed by professional.
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing: Asphalt shingles in high-pitched roofs can suffer damage or get loosen with strong winds and rain, causing leaking and other issues particularly when installation is not proper. Fortunately, this type of roof is cheaper to repair in comparison to metal roofs, with a figure of 700 dollars on average.
  • Composite Roofing: composite roofs is very similar to asphalt shingle roofing, but it uses more affordable tiles which are made from any number of stones and other materials. As its pair, composite roofing suffers in heavy rain and strong winds with loosen or broken tiles. Fixing this roof costs 400 dollars on average in the United States.
  • Wood Shake Roof: while the average price on fixing a wood shake roof is between 700 to 800 dollars, installation process is way pricy. Now, is it better to repair or replace a roof of this type? Definitely is better to fix it, with damage that is usually related with moss accumulation and insect buildup, along with water and UV lights that affect wood badly.
  • Slate Roofs: slate-based roofing is of the most expensive to install and repair with an average figure of 1.400 dollars for fixing it. This type of ceiling is prone to issues as ice dam and also loosen tiles and edges that can damage the roof surface and cause leaking.
  • Tile Roofs: tile roof is very great in terms of aesthetics but this comes with a price in terms of issues and costs or reparation. Up to 1.000 dollars on average, tile roof involves cracked pieces, accumulated water between tiles, sun damage and others.
  • Flat Roof: depending on the flat roof type if based in EPDM, BUR, PVC or TPO and others, the average price may differ. With up to 400 dollars on average for flat roofs provided by roof repair calculators, damage can involve sagging, membrane breaking or blistering, lack of maintenance and mold.

Roof Repair Cost Calculators

Many roof companies and specialized experts use roof repair cost calculator to know the approximate price fixing a roof might be, for them and the customer. For example, how much does it cost to replace a roof on a 1.500 square foot house?

With a roof repair calculator this number can be given by taking into account size, type of roof, labor and materials, with calculations on the low, mid and high end.


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